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On 27 may 2017 | blog


NTRY platform - Engaging in contracts on a go

With User Friendly Interface


The Notary platform offers first real-life applications for everyday use. It enables the creation of a timestamp of any digital document, and then retrieves and proves the content of these digital documents. This means engaging in contracts on a go, without a third party. While this isn’t new, the platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Moreover, it offers the use of templates for standard contracts for different real-life use cases. More advanced users may take advantage of the use of smart contracts, which emulate the logic of contractual clauses. Consequently, contractual clauses are made partially self-executing and/or self-enforcing. The most advanced use includes artificial intelligence (AI) support, which automates the preparation of classical contracts and/or smart contracts for different use cases. The NTRY platform is intended for use by the general public, businesses, as well as governmental agencies.

Why Notary (NTRY) Platform?

Have you ever bought something used, like a car, and worried if everything will be as good as the person selling to you said it would be? So am I. I always asked myself how can I protect my own interests and get what I paid for. Once, when I bought a used car, it broke down on my way home from the seller. Before I bought it, the seller said it was in pristine condition….so in the end, if I would search legal help, it would be his word against mine.

To prevent such scenarios we decided to start developing a practical solution to this problem.

The solution is called Notary Platform. The Platform enables you to engage in contracts on a go. That means, if you are buying a used car (or house, boat, etc.) you can simply open Notary Platform mobile app, download a contract (template) to your phone (or you do it on a website) and insert your key information. Eventually, before you close the deal, you can add the pictures/video of the state the car is in. Then both parties sign the contract (with fingerprint or signature). When you and the seller don’t have anything more to add, you pay a small transaction fee and that’s it. The application sends copies to both e-mails. All those data (contract + video/sound/pictures/etc.) “go” through blockchain who creates a hash and corresponding timestamp which will prove the time of origin of the digital document. The hash and the timestamp gives you an immutable proof!

This is just one from the countless examples in which this service can be used. Here are a few more:

As you can see, the Notary (NTRY) Platform could be integrated in almost any life scenario and give you the additional safety you need by engaging in any form of contracts.

The best thing is that the Platform offers you the freedom to create contracts for your own purposes and events, wherever you want (even from your bedroom), without the before needed third party (notary/lawyer) and for for a fraction of the cost!



To prove that we have a real potential at our hands and a fully working idea/product, we decided to do a pre-ICO of Notary (NTRY) tokens and demonstrate the work of concept first and partially finish the stage one, then do the ICO. The funds raised in presale will be used for financing the primary goals of stage one of the Notary (NTRY) Platform. Besides of those goals, the funds will be also used for expanding our team (at least three more developers, two lawyers specialized in international law), aggressive marketing for the developed apps in combination with marketing for ICO.


We will offer 2,333% of the tokens for pre-ICO, but with 100% bonus. That means 4.666% of the total amount of tokens will be offered to pre-ICO, while 0.334% will be reserved for bounties.


3.500.000 NTRY (Pre-ICO)+ 3.500.000 NTRY (Pre-ICO Bonus) + 500.000 NTRY (Bounties) = 7.500.000 NTRY



Saso Vercko

Saso Vercko

CEO, co-founder

An MA in Economics with a specialization in international business economy. Worked on different projects, such as: • supervising an international team of people who carried out services for larger companies in Central Europe • an active involvement in marketing (international markets), accounting, and logistics for different companies • the CEO of a recently established company Slowin Ltd. (the official authorized distributor of a well-known brand) specialized in importing goods to the UK A long-time investor and absolutely passionate about the developing crypto space. My vision: make a platform which will modernize and change the way people engage in contracts.

Iztok Perus

Iztok Perus

CDIO, founder

Holding a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, working extensively on mechanical, static, dynamic and stability phenomena of different structures / systems. His recent research has been focused on inherent features related to the stability of stochastic static and dynamic systems (which, among the others, also applies to distributed and decentralized blockchain-like systems). He has developed some successful theoretical approaches and practical real-life applications using neural networks. Unfortunately not an early adopter but he is deeply passionate about the cryptocurrency universe after the first deep dive into it a few years ago. He sees Bitcoin, smart contracts and the distributed ledger technology as one of the most important invention of the decade, if not of the century.

Robert Klinc

Robert Klinc


Robert Klinc holds Ph.D. in construction informatics. His research and interests are oriented toward computer integrated construction, HTC and cloud computing as well as mobile, semantic and web technologies. Has been developing various services on the web for over a decade. Just recently he found his passion for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as he strongly believes in P2P model.

Anita Zvikart

Anita Zvikart

design and marketing

A copywriter specialised in the field of social media. For the last 4 years taking care for the online appearance and communication of various brands. An honour to work with some of major Slovenian brands, i.e. SPAR Slovenia, Volkswagen, Holding Slovenske elektrarne (the biggest Slovenian energetics company), Slovenian Basketball Federation etc. Newcomer in the world of cryptocurrencies, but passionate about it.

Bilal Arif

Bilal Arif

developer, software engineer

Bilal Arif holds a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and is a self-taught security professional. His research interests include a broad range of topics related to computer security, network security, as well as cryptocurrency. He is an avid open source developer contributing to projects such as Glutton and Freki. He recently got into cryptocurrency and immediately got his hands dirty with platforms like Ethereum. Having delved into it head first, he has come to appreciate the immense potential of the technology and doesn't believe he'd be looking back anytime soon. Or ever, really.



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  • "Smart contracts - at the core of blockchain technologies - are self-verifying, self-executing agreements that can function autonomously."


  • "Unlike government issued money that can be inflated at will, the supply of Bitcoin is mathematically limited to twenty one million bitcoins and that can never be changed."

  • "Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference."

    Etherum Classic